Our Story

In early 2017 our business purchased the building for its offices and along with it, the gym. Since then we have moved in and have been making upgrades and improvements. We, meaning the owners and our team, have fallen in love with the building and its interior. It has a three-story enclosed atrium with waterfall and is often described as serene.

Thinking about our members and employees, we have decided that we want to keep the number of members of the gym limited to maintain the feel of having our own massively cool work out space that never gets too crowded. With that in mind, we calculated the break-even and decided to set the membership cap at approximately 250 members total.

Most gyms must maintain a membership of at least 2000 members to break even, and many gyms in Tucson are shooting for as many as three to five thousand.

At this time we have approximately 50 open slots. If you are interested, please call us at (520) 325-9610 or send us an email: manager@centergymaz.com and we will reply promptly.

Fun Fact: Center Gym is the former offsite training center for the now-defunct Tucson Minor League Baseball team who were called the Toros.

Fun Fact: We have fantastic locker rooms with showers, clean towels, and everything you need to to get ready for work or to go out, after working out.

Fun Fact: The equipment is well maintained our team keeps the gym immaculately clean.